Whether you're traveling to see family for the holiday break or on your way to an important business trip, it's even more important knowing your pet is safe while you're away. Here's a few tips on what you should and shouldn't do if you decide to take Fluffy and Cocoa on your trip. HOTEL TRAVEL 1. Read your hotel's pet policy and follow it. 2. Kennel your pet. He loves you, but he might not feel too keen on hotel staff or family. 3. Clean up after your pet, and alert the staff if there has been an accident so they can to do a deep clean. 4. Be considerate of others feelings. Some people are afraid of pets, yes, even Fluffy, so we recommend you schedule a walk when the cleaning staff arrives. 5. If you bring more than one pet, expect a double cleaning fee from your hotel. If you can, try not to bring more than one pet. 6. If you have to leave the room without your pet, be sure to use the kennel. Someone might come in and accidentally let them out. 7. Don't forget your pet. Yes, it's happened before. Many people pack everything and leave the pet for the very last. We recommend you set an alarm on your phone. 8. Don't ask another hotel guest to keep an eye on your pet. They simply don't know your pet and your pet should not be left in the care of a stranger. CAR TRAVEL 1. Make sure to schedule plenty of bathroom and walking breaks. 2. If you can, bring along a human buddy to share driving and pet caring responsibilities. 3. Most cats don't like traveling by cars, be sure to keep them in their traveling carrier for comfort. A seat-belt is a great way to restrain the carrier to keep it from bouncing around and sliding. 4. Keep the font seat for humans only. Your pet should not be roaming around. Well before you leave do some research on pet restraints and seat belts to find out what will work best for your pet. AIR TRAVEL Air travel is not recommended for pets. We would prefer you don't take your pet on a plane unless absolutely necessary. Pets have been killed, injured and lost. If you must, be sure to follow these tips to help your pet stay safe during your travels. If after some thought, you have decided taking your pet would be just too stressful, give Central Pet Care a call and find out more about the wonderful boarding facilities we provide. [call_to_action title="Contact us" icon="icon-phone" link="https://centralpetcare.com/contact-us/" button_title="" class="" target="_blank" animate=""]Call today to schedule your boarding date. 417.358.1300[/call_to_action] We love your pets and treat them like family, so you can be sure we'll take great care of them while you're away!