Owning a Senior Pet

Most pet owners dread the day when their beloved four-legged family members begin to show signs of age. But owners of senior pets want to do everything they can to extend and maximize the quality of life for their loyal animal companions. Here are five valuable tips to help provide the maximum comfort and health for your aging pets.

Help your pet maintain a healthy weight

Excess body weight will put stress on your pet’s joints, bones, and internal organs. If your pet is overweight, the staff at Central Pet Care can schedule an appointment for you to determine how to help them to slim down.

Good nutrition is the best medicine

A healthy diet is important for everyone, at any age. By providing a healthy and nutritious diet for your pets in their senior years, you will help them to remain healthy longer. By optimizing your pet’s diet, they will have more energy, better recovery times, and will live longer. There are many formulas available for animals of all kinds. Contact our office about what types of foods are best for your pet.

Make regular checkup appointments

As with anyone, there’s a lot that can go wrong with the health conditions of an aging animal. In order to avoid diseases and injuries that may otherwise go undetected or come on suddenly, Central Pet Care recommends scheduling regular checkups for your pets to make sure they are as healthy as can be. Most diseases can be treated successfully if caught early. Also, animals can’t always tell us when they hurt. Should your pet sustain a hidden injury, you may not be able to tell without a complete checkup.

Don’t forget their teeth

A veterinarian should check your pet’s teeth during regular checkups- which is another important reason to schedule these appointments. The teeth of older dogs and cats can harbor heavy bacterial loads that can turn into a serious health condition suddenly. Excess tartar buildup can enter your pet’s bloodstream and do a great deal of damage to their internal organs. A good way to prevent problems like this is to do regular tooth brushing for your pet at home and to take them in for a professional cleaning once a year.

Exercise will keep your best friend happy

While your pet may be slowing down with age, that doesn’t mean they don’t want and need to be active. Having fun and being active will help your pets to maintain a strong cardiovascular system, move vital nutrients around their bodies and keep their organs healthy. But most importantly, being active helps them to enjoy life, and gives them the mental energy and enthusiasm that is so important for aging animals.

Our aging pets have given us years of love, fun, and companionship. We owe it to them to help make sure their golden years are as enjoyable and pain-free as possible. By treating your pet to good health practices their entire life, as well as during their senior years, you will help them to live longer, be happier, and get more of what they love out of life. Schedule an appointment today and let Central Pet Care help you come up with the best plan for you and your pet.

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