Pet Insurance, Do I Need It?

Sometimes being a pet owner can leave you facing tough financial decisions when it comes to their health and safety. Luckily, pet insurance is available to help you afford the best quality medical care for your family pets. With pet insurance, you don’t have to make the hard choice between life-saving surgery and saying goodbye to your family pet. While some pet owners may be on the fence when it comes to investing in pet insurance, at Central Pet Care we believe this is one investment that should be seriously considered.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

If you are considering investing in pet insurance coverage to better protect your pets and keep you from draining your savings in case of a medical emergency, there are a few questions you should ask before you buy.

1. How Much Does It Cost?

Like regular health insurance, pet insurance should offer the right amount of coverage at a price that won’t break your budget. It’s important to have the insurance provider clearly go over all details of the available plans and to speak with your veterinary team to know exactly where your pet stands health-wise before you buy.

2. What are the Reimbursement Terms?

Do your homework and try to avoid insurance plans that limit illness or injury payouts by using incident deductibles. benefit schedules or exam fee exclusions.

3. How Much Experience Does the Provider Have?

When it comes to expert medical care coverage for your pet, experience does matter. Just like when choosing the best veterinary care for your family pets, doing your research when finding the best pet insurance is key. Be sure to look over Better Business Bureau reviews, policyholder reviews and get feedback from your vet as well.

How Does Pet Insurance Differ from Your Health Insurance?

Unlike health care coverage for humans, pet insurers are able to refuse coverage to pets that have preexisting conditions and are able to set annual lifetime payout limits. Other differences you should be aware of when choosing a pet insurance plan include:

-Premiums can vary depending on where you live and can increase based on a pet’s breed, age and other factors.
-In many cases, pet owners must pay for care out of pocket and get reimbursed via the insurer later on.
-Certain policies will only reimburse you based on a schedule and can be considerably less than your original vet fees. Always look for a straightforward provider with a percentage-based payout plan.
-Certain breeds are excluded from many coverage plans including pit bulls, Chow Chows and Rottweilers.
-Pets over a certain age limit may be denied coverage.

A Sound Investment for Your Pet’s Future.

After doing your research and speaking with your veterinary specialist, making the investment in your pet’s future health is easy. Even with certain restrictions, investing in pet insurance coverage can save you and your family from making a tough decision to forego medical treatment due to a lack of funds.

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