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Cats are naturally curious, agile, and active. It’s why we spend hours online watching our humorous feline friends and their antics, and adopt these comical creatures into our families.

Dedicated cat owners take time to promote their feline’s health and wellness. A healthy pet does not just happen. It is due to dedicated owners providing consistent care throughout a cat’s life. Creating a relationship with your veterinarian, establishing a preventative care plan, providing plenty of exercise, and offering the best cat food, can help your cat live a happy life.

Get a Head Start on Preventive Care

Preventative care should start as soon as a cat is born. Staying consistent on vaccinations, medications, and other treatments can reduce the chance of your cat getting sick. Have an open conversation with your veterinarian about what vaccines and treatments your cat needs so they can be in optimal health.

An area many cat owners overlook is dental care. Dental hygiene is just as important for our pets as it is for humans. It’s simple to take care of your cat’s mouth; all you need is a small toothbrush and cat-friendly toothpaste. Simply brush their teeth like you would your own to remove plaque and other buildup.

If your cat does not enjoy having their teeth brushed, you can always buy crunchy treats that will help remove plaque and offer dry cat food. We recommend Feline Greenies.

How To Keep Your Cat Active

Stimulation is important to indoor cats. They need access to toys and space to play. It’s true that cats sleep – a lot – but they also enjoy pouncing and playing. Keeping active will promote healthy muscles and joints, and it is much easier to maintain your cat’s weight through exercise than just reduced calorie food.

Why Nutritious Food Is Important

Just like humans, nutritious food is essential for our feline friends. A cat food should have high levels of animal proteins as well as vitamins and minerals especially for cats. At Central Pet Care we recommend iVet foods, for cats with prescription diets Iams and Hill’s Science Diet are our go to.

Offering a bowl of fresh, clean water is also a key part of a cat’s diet. Urinary tract infections are common with cats and encouraging cats to drink water is important.

With 60% of cats in the United States being overweight or obese, taking steps to promote healthy weight is important. Many diseases, such as kidney failure and heart disease, can be prevented with a healthy weight. Portion control is important, but the quality of food you’re feeding your kitty is too. Contact us today and let’s work on a plan to keep your feisty friend feeling their best.

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