Pet Spay and Neuter Makes for Longer Lives

At Central Pet Care, we believe in giving pets the best life possible. This includes giving them experienced care with our pet spay and neuter service. Getting your loyal companion spayed or neutered helps extend their lives by decreasing risky pet behavior, like roaming the neighborhood, and chances for medical conditions. We want to educate you as an owner, so we will give you detailed instructions about surgery day. Because we’re all about customized service, we’ll also tell you the best time you should get a new kitten or puppy spayed and neutered.

Giving Important Medical and Behavioral Benefits

The advantages of spaying your female pet and neutering your male pet are numerous. This routine yet essential procedure allows your furry family member to have a better quality of life. Female cats go into heat frequently during their breeding season. Nature is calling them to find a mate, but it happens every three to four weeks and makes them anxious. Female dogs go through a similar process every six months. Male cats and dogs exhibit roaming behavior that can make them more likely to be lost or injured.


Additional benefits for your female pet include:

  • A decreased chance of uterine and ovarian cancer.
  • Mammary gland tumors are less likely, which are malignant in 90% of cats and 50% of dogs.
  • Less unwanted pregnancies and litters.


Additional benefits for your male pet include:

  • Less aggressive behavior is likely because of less testosterone.
  • Dogs are less likely to mount people, objects or other dogs, which can start an altercation.
  • The chances for testicular cancer are eliminated.
  • Less likelihood for prostate disease.

What You Should Know

Cats and dogs can both be spayed or neutered as young as eight-weeks old. Getting the procedure done before they reach reproductive maturity has even more benefits than pet spay and neuter does in general. Urine spraying and marking in males may never be started if neutering is done early enough. The chances for the types of cancer females are vulnerable to may be eliminated if spaying is done early enough. Your pet’s health plays a role as to when spaying or neutering should be done, so ask us about the ideal time for your cat or dog. Download our guide to elective surgery, and give your fur baby the gift of pet spay and neuter at Central Pet Care. We care about the pet community and are here to serve them in Carthage and all of Southwest Missouri.

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