Central Pet Care Foundation

Progress comes from more than a check; it comes with your involvement and support. When you make a gift to the CPC Foundation, you support important programs that make a difference in the lives of companion animals and animal care facilities. By working together, we can create positive change in the industry by addressing the companion animal health issues, over-population, and retention of pets in private homes.


Start changing the world one animal at a time. You can help the CPC Foundation by making a donation to supporting efforts to help control unwanted pet populations, keep pets in homes and provide assistance to pets looking for their forever homes.


To improve the health and welfare of companion animals through the support of education, benevolence, pet retention and the placement of animals in private homes.

Please support the CPC Foundation and enable it to ful ll its mission of helping companion animals and their owners. The foundation’s work is funded by several giving programs, including:

  • Single Gifts
  • Annual Giving
  • Planned Giving annuities, wills, trusts, estate planning
  • Honor Giving to honor a person
  • Named Giving help name an animal looking for a home and help support a local rescue
  • Memorial Giving to memorialize a person
  • Companion Giving to memorialize a lost pet
  • Special Event Giving auction donations/purchases
  • Special Program Purchases
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