Is Your Dog Feeling Pain?

Seeing your dog suffer is not something anyone wants to experience. Unless they have an obvious injury, like a limp or open wound, often their pain can go unnoticed. Due to their limited ability to convey what may be hurting them, dog owners must be able to spot the subtle clues they are showing. This can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Your dogs personality may also leave you thinking everything is fine. That being said, recognizing if your dog is suffering can be done. Here is a questionnaire that will help you measure the amount of discomfort your beloved canine may be in. Answer each question the best you can.

Is your dog feeling pain?


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Looking for underlying pain is always important. This can prevent something small from becoming something big. Now that you’ve answered the questions, give us a call at 417.358.1300 or bring in a completed form so we can determine the course of action. As always, please be sure to contact us anytime your dog is in obvious pain or your think they may be.


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