Pet Grooming


Running out of time, or did Spot find that special something out in the yard? Central Pet Care can help. Our bathing service is available every Monday through Friday. Just call our office to schedule your pet's bathing appointment. We ask that your pet is at the Clinic before 9:00am, then our well trained staff will go to work pampering your pet. Your pet will be ready to go after 3:00pm that afternoon. Our bath includes a conditioning/deodorizing shampoo, a gentle brushing, toe nail clip, anal gland expression if needed, and a FREE bandana.

Professional Pet Grooming

Grooming brings out the natural beauty of any dog, whether show dog or pet. While coat care is important, good grooming should also include your pet's nails, eyes, ears, and anal glands. It is recommended to start your pet on a regular grooming schedule during puppyhood and maintain it throughout your pet's life. This will allow you to quickly notice subtle changes in your pet's condition and get an early jump on eliminating common problems such as fleas and ticks. Central Pet Care Clinic offers Professional Grooming Services by a Certified Master Groomer right here at the Clinic. Our grooming service is available by appointment. We ask that your pet is at the Clinic before 9:00 in the morning. Your pet will then spend the day being pampered, with a hair styling, bath, toe nail trim, and a new bow or bandana for the season. When you bring your pet to the Clinic for grooming, our groomers will go over with you specifically what style and services you want for your pet.